What is the contribution of Meghalaya in sports?

What is the contribution of Meghalaya in sports?

Located in the part of India Meghalaya is renowned for its green scenery tranquil hills and lively cultural heritage. Apart, from its splendour this petite state has also made noteworthy contributions to the realm of sports. Despite its population size Meghalaya has nurtured athletes who have achieved remarkable success in various sports, on both national and international platforms. In this article, we will delve into the journey of Meghalaya’s sporting excellence. Celebrate the individuals who have brought pride to their state.

Football – The Heartbeat of Meghalaya:

In Meghalaya football holds a place, beyond being a sport; it has become an integral part of life. The state takes pride in its love for football witnessing the vibrant energy of thousands of passionate fans who flock to stadiums during matches. Shillong the capital city, is renowned as the "Football Capital of India" due to its devotion to this game.

One of Meghalaya’s contributions to football is the Shillong Lajong Football Club. Established in 1983 this club has played a role in nurturing talent and providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills. Notably players like Eugeneson Lyngdoh and Aiborlang Khongjee, who hail from Meghalaya have not. Also achieved remarkable success, with the Indian national team.

Boxing Brilliance

Meghalaya has also seen the emergence of boxers who have left an impact, on both national and international stages. One shining star among them is Shiva Thapa from Guwahati, which lies in proximity to the Meghalayan border. Shiva’s achievements in boxing have reached heights. He etched his name in history by becoming the boxer to qualify for the Olympics representing his country at the prestigious 2012 London Games. His unwavering commitment and relentless efforts have served as a catalyst for aspiring boxers not in Meghalaya but, throughout the entire Northeast region.

Archery Excellence

Archery is a sport where Meghalaya has demonstrated potential. The state has nurtured archers such, as Dola Banerjee, who achieved India’s individual archery medal at the Asian Games. Although Dola Banerjee hails from a place originally, she received training in Meghalaya and played a significant role in advancing the sport of archery, in the state.

Challenges and Opportunities

Although Meghalaya has made progress in the field of sports it still encounters obstacles, like infrastructure, limited access to high quality coaching and funding issues. Nevertheless, these challenges haven't dampened the enthusiasm of athletes in the region. Thanks to government support and the involvement of sports organizations there is an increasing focus on enhancing sports facilities and creating avenues, for aspiring talents to thrive.


Meghalaya’s impact, on the sports scene is a reflection of the determination and passion exhibited by its athletes. From the bustling streets of Shillong, where football holds a place to the boxing rings and archery fields this northeastern state consistently produces athletes who bring pride to India. With efforts towards enhancing sports infrastructure and nurturing budding talent at the level Meghalaya is poised to make even more remarkable contributions to the world of sports in the upcoming years. This hidden treasure, in sports is undeniably worth keeping an eye on.