What is the position of the archery game in India?

What is the position of the archery game in India?

Archery, a sport that has been practiced for centuries and has a history is experiencing a renewed popularity, in India. As India strives to become a force, in the world of sports archery has found its special place. In this article we will explore the status of archery in India, its importance, recent accomplishments and what lies ahead for this remarkable sport.

Archery in Indian History

Archery holds a captivating heritage, in India. It has deeply woven itself into mythology with archers such as Arjuna from the Mahabharata and Eklavya in the Ramayana. In the annals of history archery played a role as a skill for hunting and warfare. Notably the Mughal emperors were renowned for their adeptness in archery.

Nevertheless, as firearms gained prevalence in warfare archery gradually lost its prominence. While it persevered as a pursuit, in regions it found itself overshadowed by other sports.

The Archery Renaissance

The revival of archery, in India can be attributed to factors. Here are some significant reasons, behind its resurgence;

Olympic Success: The sport of archery has gained prominence thanks to the performances of Indian archers, on the global stage especially at the Olympics. Archers such, as Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das have consistently brought honour to our country by securing positions and earning medals.

Grassroots Development: There have been efforts to encourage archery at the beginner level. Educational institutions, including schools, colleges and sports academies have begun including archery, in their programs as a way to support the growth of talent.

Government Support: The Indian government has acknowledged the potential of archery. Has taken steps to encourage its growth by offering assistance training facilities and coaching to archers. This support has been instrumental, in fostering talent in this sport.

Increased Awareness: The media, along with the rise of media platforms has played a part in making archery more popular. The stories of athletes and their paths to greatness have served as inspiration, for individuals who aspire to become skilled archers.

Challenges Faced by Archery in India

Although archery is becoming more popular in India it continues to encounter a number of obstacles

Infrastructure: One of the challenges is the requirement, for top notch training facilities and archery ranges. Unfortunately, many areas lack infrastructure, which hampers the development of the sport.



Archery encounters competition from well liked sports such, as cricket, badminton and hockey. The challenge of securing funding and resources is a concern.

Mental Toughness: Mental focus and discipline are crucial, in the sport of archery. Athletes require assistance to manage the challenges that come with competitive environments.


Archery has made progress in India evolving from its origins to become a sport that is now globally recognized. With support, investment and the cultivation of talent archery has the potential to flourish further bringing more Olympic medals and international recognition to India. This serves as a testament, to the spirits capacity to revive and honour the ancient tradition of archery in today’s modern era.