History of Meghalaya teer game

History of Meghalaya teer game

Meghalaya, a tranquil and scenic state located in the part of India is renowned for its greenery and mesmerizing waterfalls. However, it's not the beauty that sets Meghalaya apart; it also boasts a distinctive traditional game called "Teer." Teer has not captivated the locals. Has also garnered a significant following, from enthusiasts, across India. In this article, we will explore the history of Meghalaya Teer delving into its origins, evolution, and cultural significance.

Origins of Teer in Meghalaya

Teer, which means "arrow”, in English is thought to have its roots in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya for centuries. Although its precise origins are still unknown it is widely believed that Teer originated as a way for the indigenous Khasi people to practice archery. Archery held significance as it served not as a sport but also as a vital skill for hunting and self-defense, in the challenging landscapes of Meghalaya.

Evolution of Teer as a Betting Game

Over time Teer has transformed from a form of archery practice into an organized and competitive game. It has evolved into a betting game where participants place bets on the number of arrows hitting the target. This transition was driven by the desire to have an activity that also offered opportunities, for socializing and entertainment.

The game typically consists of two rounds in which participants shoot arrows at a bamboo target known as "Khasi teer." The first round, referred to as the " round " involves archers shooting a predetermined number of arrows at the target. The second round, known as the " round " follows a pattern. A distinguishing feature of Teer is that the target is a structure filled with rice straw and the winning number is determined by counting how many arrows successfully hit it.

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The Social and Cultural Significance

Teer has importance in Meghalaya. It has ingrained itself within the culture going beyond being a game and transforming into a community event. Individuals come together at Teer counters to witness the archers skills exchange thoughts, on strategies. Enjoy lighthearted conversations. This fosters connections. Reinforces the unity, within the community.

Regulation and Challenges

Teer has emerged as an industry, in Meghalaya. It hasn't been without its fair share of obstacles. Many have expressed concerns about the connection, between the game and gambling fearing addiction and illegal betting. To tackle these challenges head-on the government of Meghalaya has implemented regulations and guidelines to ensure that Teer is carried out in a responsible manner.


The history of Meghalaya Teer is fascinating combining the art of archery, traditional customs and the excitement of betting. It has a remarkable journey starting as an archery practice and transforming into a popular game that holds both cultural and economic importance. While the game continues to flourish it also faces challenges that require attention to ensure its development. As visitors are captivated by the beauty of Meghalaya Teer remains a thread, in the states unique cultural fabric.