Why the archery game is famous in Meghalaya?

Why the archery game is famous in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is a northeast state of India. Most of the part is a hilly area. Archery is a traditional game of Meghalaya. Here we'll discuss about few points about this topic

Cultural: Traditionally Meghalaya is the land of the tribe.  Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia tribes communities are living. Khasi is a significant community in  Meghalaya, with more than 48% of people.

Historical Roots: Teer is a traditional game in Meghalaya, India and the people of Meghalaya deeply connect with archery.  From ancient times they used it as a hunting animal and also used it in the war.

Community Involvement: In the current situation archery connects the people and brings them back to the ground. As we know most children are now playing games on smartphones but due to this archery game, they play games in the playground and also connect with each other.

Betting and Entertainment: Teer is a game of skill and luck, Both factors are connected to each other. A large number is people are playing this game to bet on the game and make money but another side huge number is meghalayas people are playing this game for entertainment purposes.

Economic Impact: Teer has a significant economic impact on Meghalaya. It generates a huge amount from selling archery game tickets. A huge number of peoples from Meghalaya is directly involved in this traditional business.

Employment Opportunities: The game creates employment opportunities for people such as archers, ticket sellers, and other support roles. On the other side, the village tribs people are making this archery using bamboo. So financially they are involved with this game. A large number is people are making money due to this teer game.

Tourism: Meghalaya is tourist place being a tourist place A huge number of people visit Meghalaya. Archery games attract visitors. They also participate in the game so a huge amount of revenue is generated from the teer game.

Unique Betting System: The Teer betting system, where players bet on the number of arrows that hit a target, is distinctive and adds to its appeal. The complex nature of the betting system makes it intriguing for both locals and visitors.

State Support: The Meghalaya government regulates this game as a traditional game of the state and on the other hand they want to maintain transparency of the game. So anyone can play this game who's age is 18+. This game is only allowed who permanently living in the state.

Social Events: Teer is often associated with social events and festivals in Meghalaya. It is a part of celebrations and gatherings, further reinforcing its popularity.

In summary, Teer's fame in Meghalaya can be attributed to its deep cultural roots, historical significance, community involvement, economic impact, and the unique blend of archery and betting that make it an appealing and distinctive tradition in the state.