Powerball lottery winning numbers history

United States popular Powerball lottery. Know the latest history of the Powerball Lottery.

Last 15 Winning Numbers History

DateWinning NumbersMultiplier
Mon, Feb 19, 202404 23 45 50 53 173
Sat, Feb 17, 202406 28 59 62 69 213
Wed, Feb 14, 202401 04 45 47 67 182
Mon, Feb 12, 202417 36 43 53 67 142
Sat, Feb 10, 202427 28 34 37 44 082
Wed, Feb 7, 202412 21 62 67 69 173
Mon, Feb 5, 202401 02 27 30 67 095
Sat, Feb 3, 202409 11 27 59 66 193
Wed, Jan 31, 202415 18 19 41 43 142
Mon, Jan 29, 202439 41 43 49 64 042
Sat, Jan 27, 202407 38 65 66 68 212
Wed, Jan 24, 202401 05 32 50 64 084
Mon, Jan 22, 202424 25 43 52 63 212
Sat, Jan 20, 202416 31 34 47 65 103
Wed, Jan 17, 202418 22 43 61 65 024

Powerball is a famous American (USA) lottery game. Before you start playing Powerball you must know the game rules, chances of winning the game, price details, and many more. So we'll cover all the important things about the Powerball lottery.

What is the Powerball lottery?

Powerball is a popular lottery game played in several U.S. states like Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is known for its large jackpots, making it one of the most widely recognized and played lotteries in the country. 

What is Power Play?

Power Play is that extra boost that can multiply your winnings. Picture this: your prize getting multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10 times! It's the spice that adds a little extra thrill to the game.

How to Play Powerball Lottery?

1. Purchasing Tickets

Find an Arizona Lottery retailer or use the vending machine to get your Powerball tickets at $2 per game. 

2. Choosing Numbers

Let the computer pick for you with a Quick Pick.
Choose your own numbers using a selection slip or telling the cashier.
You can also mix and match, choosing some numbers and letting the computer pick the rest.

5 white numbers (1 – 69)
1 Powerball number (1 – 26)

What is the Powerball lottery winning numbers history, and how can they be checked?

The Powerball lottery winning numbers history refers to a record of all past numbers drawn in Powerball lottery drawings. To check this history, you can visit the official Powerball website or you can also check the Powerball lottery winning numbers history in shillongteerdaily.in.

What is powerball

You have several ways to check the Powerball lottery result. 
One: You can check the Powerball lottery result on the official website
Two: You can directly go to the retailer and check the result.

How do I claim a Powerball lottery prize?

According to Powerball's official website, If your winning prize is between $1 - $599 you can redeem it at any Powerball lottery directly.

If your winning amount is more than $600, you can contact lottery offices but it depends upon the prize value, if you win the big amount you can contact them directly at the headquarters.

What is the highest Powerball jackpot on record?

What is the safety precaution it takes in the Powerball lottery?

Safety first. Recently scammers have been doing scams with random Powerball players on phone calls or social media like Facebook be aware of them. Powerball officials never contact you via call or any social media so be aware of this.

Powerball FAQs

Q: What is Powerball?
A: Powerball is a lottery game where players aim to match their selected numbers with the winning numbers drawn in each drawing.
A: The cost of a Powerball ticket is $2 per game.
A: Powerball drawings take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
A: Power Play is an additional feature that multiplies winnings by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 times, excluding the jackpot.
A: To play Powerball, choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls and 1 number from 1 to 26 for the Powerball.
A: Powerball tickets cannot be purchased online; they are available for purchase at authorized retail locations.
A: Prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any licensed lottery retailer, while prizes over $600 may be claimed at selected lottery offices.
A: Winners of the Powerball jackpot have the option to receive the prize as a lump-sum cash payment or as a 30-year annuity.
A: Powerball numbers are drawn using two separate ball machines; one for the white balls and one for the Powerball.
A: Yes, Powerball results can be checked online through official lottery websites or other reputable sources.
A: The powerball winning numbers from the Mon, Feb 19, 2024 drawing are 04 23 45 50 53 17.

Powerball Other informations

Predecessor Lotto America
Establishment April 19, 1992; 31 years ago (1992-04-19)
Type Lottery drawing
Headquarters Florida Lottery
Multi-State Lottery Association
United States
Owner Multi-State Lottery Association
Website www.powerball.com
Ticket Price $2

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